The Health and Wellness International Tourism Congresss returns in its sixth edition

Health tourism invoices more than RD$15 billion a year in the Dominican Republic

SANTO DOMINGO: – Dr. Alejandro Cambiaso, president of the Dominican Association of Health Tourism (ADTS), and Amelia Reyes Mora, president of AF Comunicación Estratégica, announced the celebration of the leading medical tourism event in Central America and the Caribbean, the “VI International Congress of Health and Wellness Tourism,” which will be held on November 1st and 2nd of this year, at the JW Marriott Hotel, in Santo Domingo.

Dr. Alejandro Cambiaso said that, as in previous years, this event would feature important conferences and panels with renowned national and international exhibitors aimed at the leading players in the sector, such as health and dental centers, clinical and pharmaceutical laboratories, hotels, insurers, banks, investment funds, airlines, medical facilitators, government, transportation, legal, accreditors, among others.

He also highlighted the growth that health tourism has had in the country, which invoices more than RD$15,000 million a year in the Dominican Republic, becoming an essential source of job creation, innovation, investment, and foreign exchange, which translates into better medicine for all Dominicans and tourists, stating “that this type of activity supports public-private synergies and the development of the country as a safe tourist destination,” he said.

Likewise, he expressed that “The celebration of this congress promotes quality, safety, and compliance with local regulations and international accreditations to strengthen our health indicators and promote the modernization and digital transformation of the Dominican health sector.”

Amelia Reyes Mora expressed that this meeting contributes to the updating, integration, and development of businesses and the positioning of health tourism as an activity of national and regional interest.

She added that the country receives approximately 60,000 international patients for health tourism and more than 70,000 tourists who are assisted by tourist medicine, with an investment in the sector that exceeds 500 million dollars.

In addition, the vice president of the ADTS also stated that “we are at a crucial moment where new tourist destinations are being developed, so new health and well-being developments must be integrated into this planning to guarantee a successful comprehensive vision that promotes the development of new market niches such as retiree tourism and wellness tourism.

The event, which is organized by the ADTS and the Communication and Public Relations firm, AF Comunicación Estratégica, has brought together in its last two recent editions more than 800 participants and around 70 local exhibitors from the United States, Canada, Costa Rica, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Panama, Spain,

Colombia and Caribbean islands and more than 110 sponsors have become an impulse to continue raising the competitiveness of the country’s health and tourism services.

Thanks to the management and effort of the ADTS in favor of the sector, the country has positioned itself as a leading destination in the Caribbean region. Through decree 787-21, President Luis Abinader established a public-private collaboration to boost this thriving industry.

For more information about the event, registrations and sponsorships, access the web portal:

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