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    The Dominican Tourism Association favors the best practices of the health and tourism sectors, promoting productive chains, quality and safety of the provision of services and coordination between public and private sectors to achieve the consolidation of the Dominican Republic as a world-class health tourism destination.


    The Dominican Health Tourism Association has individual and corporate memberships, ensuring the quality and safety of the value chain of the sector.

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    We have different options to strengthen the training and experience of your organization.

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    The Dominican Health Tourism Association (ADTS) has different channels and means of promotion.

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    Institutional Consulting

    We have vast experience in the health and tourism sectors and with a team of multidisciplinary consultants and advisors.

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    • Tourist insurance was put into effect in the Dominican Republic

      The Ministry of Tourism, the Reserve Bank, and Reserve Insurance signed a cooperation agreement, which seeks to contribute to taking care of the health, well-being, and safety of tourists and promoting, in addition, a sustainable recovery of the sector, as part of the plan of recovery of responsible tourism in the face of Covid-19. The

      September 20, 2020
    • 50 years of the Espaillat Cabral Institute

      The Espaillat Cabral Institute is celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of its foundation. In 1970 the Institute opened its doors as the first ophthalmological clinic in the country, also becoming the first Dominican health center dedicated to a single medical specialty: the care of the eyes and the entire visual apparatus. Throughout its history, the Institute

      September 15, 2020
    • The Espaillat Cabral Institute: At the cutting edge of medical travel ophtalmologic surgery

      The Espaillat Cabral Institute is the first ophthalmology clinic and the first medical center dedicated to a single specialty in the Dominican Republic. For almost half a century it has been a national and regional reference in its field. At the cutting edge of science and technology, with a medical staff mastering all branches of

      March 12, 2020
    • Bioethics and health tourism

      The Dominican Health Tourism Association promotes high quality health tourism, with transparency of processes, credentials and costs. Due to the important correlation between bioethics and good practices in this sector, the renowned and respected bioethicist Dr. Miguel Suazo gives us his perspectives: The interest of people to seek health and well-being is increasingly frequent and

      January 12, 2020

    Informative guide designed for international patients looking to receive health and wellness care in the Dominican Republic, highlighting specialists, health centers, and hotels endorsed by ADTS.