Remarks by the president of the ADTS on the launch of the Second Edition of the Health and Wellness Tourism Guide of the DR

Good evening distinguished ministers, present authorities, members of the health, business and press sector, national and international guests, ladies and gentlemen, friends all.

The second edition of the RD health and wellness tourism guide represents the response of the local health sector as a contribution to the diversification of the tourism offer and the presidential goal of attracting 10 million visitors by 2022.

It is an instruction designed to educate international patients about the process of receiving health care in the DR, from the moment they investigate the destination, health centers with international departments, cultural, budgetary aspects and more frequent concerns of potential tourists from Health.

The second edition of the RD health and wellness tourism guide seeks to position the country as a health, wellness and investment destination, ideal for the development of retired communities.

It is a publication of the Medical Tourism Association and the Dominican Health Tourism Association, with local content coordination by AF Strategic Communication and under alliance with the Ministries of Tourism, Health, CEI-RD and the Consular Corps which denotes a true local and international public-private alliance, becoming the local health document with the greatest international reach through its vast distribution channels.

Health tourism is here and here to stay, as it found solid foundations in an experienced tourism industry, in a nation with beautiful landscapes, great connectivity and talented professionals in the health sector who can perform procedures with attractive cost-effectiveness.

The warmth of our people and pleasant weather all year round, as well as our social peace and tourism legislation that we must protect and expand to continue our present and future regional leadership are part of the ingredients that set us apart from other nations.

However, to compete successfully internationally and develop an exportable health product in an increasingly demanding market, we must strengthen the entire value chain and, as in the most successful countries in this industry, declare health tourism as national priority activity.

Similarly, the approval of the health tourism law that promotes the transfer of technologies, best practices, certifications and international accreditations and a regulatory framework to have clear standards is of great importance.

Undoubtedly, we also need to strengthen epidemiological controls and surveillance, as well as combat intrusion and clandestine centers operating without authorization. Likewise, we require as a country to continue strengthening citizen security, legal security, territorial planning, investment in education and bilingualism, and in a transcendental way to maintain a competitive fiscal structure.

Health tourism spills great benefits to the country and worldwide represents more than 100 billion dollars. Health tourists do not have seasonality, spend 8 times more than a conventional tourist, travel accompanied in 80% of cases and the preparation involved in providing this type of service strengthens the quality standards of the country’s health centers.

Health tourism generates direct and indirect jobs, productive chains, collection of FDI, foreign exchange and raises competitiveness based on the quality and requirements of compliance with national and international standards, increasing projects and installed capacity of the health sector for the benefit of local population.

Sample of this we could show in the investment breakfast of the last 3rd International Congress of Health and Welfare Tourism where we present new projects that will be located in different parts of the national territory and will contribute in the next 3 years more than 500 beds, 3 thousand jobs , technologies that currently do not exist in the country, orthopedic robotic surgery, telemedicine, hotel hospitals and more than 350 million dollars in investment, which will generate new well-paid jobs in the country and access to first-rate health services world for Dominicans and foreigners who visit us.

With this we hope to contribute to the development of this important sector for the national economy and above all to raise awareness to strengthen the quality and safety of health services, as well as support the transfer of best practices for the preparation of our doctors, nurses and technicians .

Thank you.

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