Health Centers


Cedimat has advanced health technologies constantly updated and a highly qualified national and international medical staff to offer specialized services:</p> <p>Diagnostic Imaging and Interventionism, Nuclear Medicine, Cardiology, Hemodynamics, Urology and Nephrology, Neurology and Neurosurgery, Women's Clinic, Laparoscopic and General Surgeries, Cardiovascular Surgery, and Bariatric Surgery.

Hospital General Plaza de la Salud

The Plaza de la Salud General Hospital provides comprehensive medical care with the highest levels of excellence, based on research and constant scientific updating, supported by a highly qualified and motivated team, within the framework of ethical principles, centered and customized towards the patient.

Hospital Metropolitano de Santiago HOMS

El Hospital Metropolitano de Santiago es un centro de medicina avanzada al servicio de la salud, con la finalidad de responder a las necesidades de atención médica integral de sus usuarios. Los servicios de salud cuentan con el apoyo de un equipo de profesionales de amplia experiencia y con profunda vocación, comprometidos con los principios de equidad y respeto a la vida.


The Hospiten Group is an international private hospital network, with more than 1,200 beds, committed to providing a first-level health care service that annually serves more than 1,700,000 patients. The result of our commitment is our twenty medical-hospital centers located in Spain, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Jamaica, and Panama.


A medical group and institution specialized in the diagnosis and treatment of reproductive problems and infertility to all couples that require it, our experience and human and professional quality guarantee our success in our country.

IMG Punta Cana

The IMG Hospital is a third level health center in Bávaro and Punta Cana. It was built and equipped with high technology, according to international standards and current standards of the Ministry of Health of the Dominican Republic. IMG's policy is to guarantee its national and international users optimal, efficient and timely medical attention.

Instituto Espaillat Cabral

The HFAP certification consolidated its position as a leader in quality ophthalmology services in the Caribbean, offering its patients a close, ethical and personalized treatment, complying with the highest global standards.

Grupo Rescue

The national network of medical services Grupo Rescue has more than 35 years of service. </p> <p>It was born when a group of health centers decided to join forces to improve medical attention to the tourism market in the Dominican Republic.


Promed strives to provide medical and paramedical assistance quickly and safely by utilizing the most advanced technical and professional resources possible, offering a world-class service for patients, their families, and the entire Dominican society.

Dental Cibao

The Dental Cibao Spa or better known as odontospa, combines the professional facilities of a dental clinic with fabulous spaces designed in a positive environment full of natural elements, water, and light that stimulate the senses and favor the relaxation of each patient.

Dr. Raul del Toro

The orthodontics clinic Dr. Raúl Del Toro is committed to offering a harmonious space where every patient has innovative and high-quality dental treatments at their fingertips. They offer all the services of the dental area specializing in orthodontic treatments and maxillary orthopedics.

Salud Bucal

A network of dental health centers with greatest coverage nationwide, noted for providing dental plans to more than 1 million members.

Hodelpa Hotels

In 2015, the Hodelpa Garden Court in Santiago (north) became the first hotel that offers health tourism services in the Dominican Republic. This hotel was established as a Wellness Center where the health tourist receives the facilities of a clinic with the comfort of a hotel.

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