Logo ADTSThe Dominican Health Tourism Association (ADTS) is a not-for-profit organization that promotes the Dominican Republic as an ideal place for medical tourism, given its geographical position, great hospitality, climate, high level and cost-effective health services. The Association is chaired by Dr. Alejandro Cambiaso and supports the best health tourism practices, international certifications and accreditations to constantly improve the quality and safety of medical care.

The Dominican Health Tourism Association works with top medical and wellness centers, hotels, governments, strategic international and local partners, aiming for an optimal national environment to support the sustainable development of medical tourism in the country.

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ADTS President

Dr. Alejandro Cambiaso

El Dr. Alejandro Cambiaso es Doctor en Medicina, con especialidad en Medicina Familiar y Comunitaria de la Universidad Iberoamericana y el Hospital General Plaza de la Salud; Maestr??a en Administraci??n de Empresas (MBA) con concentraci??n en Gesti??n de Centros de Salud (UNIBE-Florida International University); Especialista en Gesti??n de la Calidad de Centros de Salud formado por la Organizaci??n para la Excelencia en Calidad en Salud de Colombia y UNIBE. El Dr. Cambiaso es tambi??n es Auditor Internacional de Calidad Certificado…

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Council of Advisors

ADTS has a multidisciplinary team specialized in the areas of medical tourism, laws applied to the health and tourism sectors, as well as economists, specialists from different areas, local and international consultants and strategic public-private partnerships with important entities and members of the value chain of health and wellness tourism to provide comprehensive support, training and strengthening the competitiveness of Dominican health tourism.

Lic. Amelia Reyes Mora ADTS Vice-President
Dra. Maite Del Toro Toral ADTS Executive Director
Dr. Jos?? Natalio Redondo Gal??n Grupo Rescue President
Lic. Julio Llibre CHC President
Dr. Julio Casta??os Guzm??n HGPS Executive President
Dr. Jos?? L??pez Larache Salud Central Romana Vice-President
Dr. Jorge Subero Isa Former Supreme Court President
Dr. Rafael S??nchez Espa??ol HOMS President
Dr. F??lix Esca??o FLASO / ALAD President
Dr. Jos?? Joaqu??n Puello CECANOT Neurosurgery / Centro de Medicina Avanzada Dr. Abel Gonz??lez
Lic. Magdalena Rathe Fundaci??n Plenitud Executive Director
Dr. H??ctor Jos?? L??pez Est??vez ADTS Advisor for Safe Surgery Program
Dr. Eduardo Read Estrella Salud Bucal President
Dr. Jos?? Rafael Yunen Infection Control Consultant
Dr. M??ximo Rodr??guez CEDIMAT International Medicine